Lufff was formally founded in spring of 2020, but we appreciate that companies form around ideas and that ideas take root, grow and intertwine untidily and informally, kind of like plants.

The germination started when Joe Maccalupo, Lufff's founder, in an undergraduate chemistry lab, synthesized banana oil in his coursework and could not help but keep wafting the scent towards him and marveling about how something he had made could smell so appealing.

It may have been the first green shoot when he developed an ostensibly unrelated interest in hunting various wild medicinal herbs (like lemon balm and mugwort) that were desirous for their health benefits, but were identified by crushing their leaves between the fingers and looking for characteristic scents.

And a later few buds appeared when Joe's Somalian friend, who had ambitions of getting into politics and so was ever conscious of the impression he made on people, shared with him colognes and fragrance samples he'd gotten from a mall and asked the open question "What do you think of this?"

For a moment, all of the drive and creativity that became Lufff was almost diverted into an enrollment into a world-class perfumer training program in Switzerland and hopefully subsequent career as a fragrance designer. But Joe had a vision for an enterprise that explored experiences of scent outside of the closed-seeming traditions of perfumery, and explored them with egoless wonder and an earnest desire to enrich the lives of all who come in contact with it (as customers, collaborators, employees). And really, that's when Lufff started.